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2 Single-ended custom 2A3 triode tube pure class A audio amplifiers with Stancor & Triad transformers
My amplifiers are perfect for any audiophile looking for a unique listening experience.  They are ideal for use in vintage audio systems and will provide an unparalleled sound quality.
Larger 12” 10” 2’ bud chassis
        Some of the features these mono amplifiers offer:
  • Off / on switch placed on top of the chassis, easy to reach. not behind the amps, like most of my custom amplifier builds
  • Rectifier tube choice they come with 5Y3G, or you can use a 5R4G both are full size vintage high end rectifier tubes
  • ElectroCube audio grade Mylar capacitors
  • Point-to-point hand wiring, If other sellers do not show under their chassis it may be because they use overseas circuit boards. Not good.
  • WW2 vintage nickel over brass pilot lamp that will last forever
  • Superior brand 3-way banana plug speaker connector; easy to use and will not break or come loose.
  • 1950's new-old-stock high voltage USA Military-grade surplus Amphenol tube sockets, that will last forever.
  • vintage bakelite volume knobs, with set screws. Not the cheap ones most people use that crack and fall off. 
  •  Triad brand 2.5 volt Triad filament transformers and Orion filtering chokes
  • Clean deck with no excessive screws, bolts, hardware or nuts showing. Open chassis not congested with tubes too close together.
  • Gold-plated high quality RCA input connectors. 
  • Heavy metal bottom chassis covers with heavy duty rubber feet
  • 1960's Military grade new-old-stock hum rheostats.
  • Larger than normal chassis and only 2” high not the normal 3"


I use some of the best parts in my amplifiers that were ever available REGARDLESS OF WHAT YEAR THESE PARTS WERE MADE. For instance, in these amplifiers, I might use tubes from the 1930's,  transformers from the 1960's, tube sockets & Rheostats from the 1950's, and modern top-quality Alpha brand gain controls. I use the best parts I can source no matter what year they were made, and combine them for the perfect amplifier. I spend many hours hunting for these superior parts.
The reason I build my own amplifiers is I can use some of the best triode output tubes ever made, in combination with my single-ended Class A output design. I can build Amplifiers that were never available or offered for mass production. I use 2A3 output tubes and low-mu 6SN7 triode tubes for sound quality, and to lower the chance of micro-phonics. This is what Brook and Fisher did in some of their best quality studio laboratory amplifiers.


I have sold similar triode tube amplifiers on eBay, and the eBay feedback comments went like ? "WOW! best amp ever? ? "This is the best watt I have ever listened to",  "Only one way to describe the sound of this amplifier: breathtaking". Great sounding amp ~ Good packing ~ Excellent service ~ Thank you!!!  And most recently " Amp has superb build and sound transparency that reveals deeper layers of music”. It ls like beautiful music floating in the air. These amplifiers will put out about 3 watts per side to 8-ohm speakers (remember it is the first watt that counts). 


To make these 3 watt amplifiers sound best you should run efficient 8-ohm smaller vintage speakers, like Klipsch, JBL Tannoy, Jensen, Altec and other speakers rated around 20 watts or less. My son Jason runs a pair of Klipsch Heresy with his identical amplifiers and it has the power to spare. These amplifiers will not rattle the windows with power, but at normal listening levels, it will amaze you, and fill a room with plenty of great sound. Like most things it is a trade off. What you loose in power you more than make up in fidelity. A trade off most audio guys are willing to make


My custom amplifier projects start off as raw Bud or Hammond brand metal chassis that I punch out, then sand and finish. I round and shape the corners so they are smooth.  I am an electronics Nerd, so to me it is not just an amplifier but an art form, it must look as good as it sounds. Each one is built one at a time in my one man work shop.
The tubes that come with this amp work great, but since they may be old, used and not new, consider them a FREE GIFT with the amplifier and not part of the sale. You may at some point need to upgrade to new or more expensive new old stock audio tubes-and I will leave that for the new owners to decide. Please keep in mind tubes like light bulbs do not work for ever.
To see more about what I do pictures, and more amplifiers check out Alan Eaton Amplifiers or glow in the dark audio THANKS ALAN

2A3 Mono Block Amplifier

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