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One pair of 45 triode tube audio amplifiers. Orion power transformer and Tamura output transformers. Each amplifier is hand wired, point to point, with no circuit boards or semiconductors. The amplifiers come with all the tubes required but it is suggested to select your most favorite 45 output tube to replace the ones provided.


This amplifiers work well with high effieciency speakers at 8 ohms. A regular CD player can be used with out a preamp or a preamp can be used for any other audio input.


  • Hammertone Rustoleum Paint
  • Tamura Output Transformers
  • Bright Aluminum knobs
  • ElectroCube audio grade Mylar capacitors.
  • All silver teflon coated wire used in the signal path.
  • Point to point hand wirin
  • Alpha gain controls
  • Orion brand power transformer
  • Superior brand 3-way speaker connectors, that will not break or come loose
  • High voltage US Military-grade new old stock surplus Amphenol tube sockets
  • Clean deck no excessive screws bolts hardware or nuts showing
  • Open chassis not congested with tubes two close together.
  • Hammond brand filament transformer

45 Mono Block Amplifier

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