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Outboard power supply amplifier, pure class A, triode output tube, single-ended design, audio amplifiers. Ready to play with any analog input source and your speakers.


Special chassis size, these are low profile at 2" tall.


Why an outboard power supply amplifier? Many of the super high end audio amplifiers, years ago were built like this. The early Scott, the Fisher Custom 60 (their flag ship system), the Zenith Stratosphere, and many other top of the line systems used an outboard power supply. Some of the reasons for this are when you place everything on the same chassis you can get transformer magnetic coupling. The 60 cycles from the AC that feeds the transformers, can also cause background hum if the transformers are too close to the input of the amplifier. So to avoid these and other issues, you just put all of the problem transformers on a separate chassis. That is the only difference in this new offering from my normal builds.


Some features of this amplifier. 


  • ElectroCube audio grade Mylar capacitors. All silver teflon coated wire used in the signal path.
  • Point to point hand wiring, with no circuit boards that are difficult to repair and often go bad. If other sellers do not show under the chassis it may be because they use overseas circuit boards.
  • Two gain controls -- one for left and one for the right hand. These are Alpha professional brand studio audio gain controls. With one for each channel, you can use them as a balance control only better. All you need to use this amplifier is a music source like a CD player.
  • Top of the line USA made vintage Triad brand power transformer, and choke.
  • 1960’s vintage neon off/on indicator. 
  • Superior brand 3-way speaker connector, that will not break or come loose.
  • High voltage US Military-grade new old stock surplus Amphenol tube sockets, that will last forever. Not the ones from China that fall apart with normal use.
  • Clean deck no excessive screws bolts hardware or nuts showing. Open chassis not congested with tubes two close together. 


This is the best sounding amplifier available anywhere, Single-ended Class A audio with Tamura output transformers. 


The 45 tube is the most musical tube ever invented, Beautiful clean clear highs and warm but very crisp bass. You will notice the difference the second it comes on. You can pay more but you can not purchase a better sounding amp.


45 Stereo Outboard Amplifier

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