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Message From Alan

"Hello this is Alan Eaton. My son Jason will be working with me on my electronics in the future from Tennessee. I have never had a web site and just relied on word of mouth to promote what I build. Now with Jason's help I will try and make it easier for audio enthuses to find Alan Eaton Amplifiers. 


I think many times less can be more. It is like Miles Davis said, the notes you do not play can be as important as the ones you do play. I think and build with the idea that simple circuit designs point to point wiring can produce a cleaner more clear sound. Sometimes the more you add can muddy the sound you are looking for.


The amplifiers we build took many years to reach this point. We start out with a 45 tube that was used starting in the late 1920’s. Lo mu 6SN7 tubes that were used in the 1940’s and a 6AX5 rectifier, which was one of the last slow warm up rectifier tubes every made. We combine that with Tamura inner leaved output transformers made in the early 1960’s. This is one of the best output transformers ever made perfect for a vintage 45 tube. Then vintage Amphenol tube sockets that will last a lifetime made in the 1950’s. We do use some modern parts like gold plated RCA connectors and Alpha gain controls. As I said to make this wonderful sounding amplifier we use the best parts over a span of almost 100 years for the best hand build amplifier at a moderate price."

Alan Eaton Amplifiers building vintage triode audio amplifiers
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For manual payment options please send personal check our money order to the following address;

Alan Eaton Amplifiers 1139 Milam Road, Finger TN 38334

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