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Customer Reviews


Just short review or update. I still think that amplifier is great and one of the best amplifiers, but I have two things I would like to mention.
I am using 99db speakers with horn and 18 inch bass, connected with mast mutter crossover with autotransformators. Sometimes I feel that it does not have enough drive in midbass/bass section, so male voices may sometimes resonate in little upper registers as sould. I little louder seems all really god, but in more casual sound levels this can be disadvantage. Maybe a little less body and less woody feeling that I would like. As I said, when I listen loud, that disadvantage is not noticeable and it has great air and it is very entertaining.

Charlie Alestra

Westland, Michigan

I’m so impressed with the sound of the Alan Eaton 45 with my Volti & Klipsch speakers that I ordered the 2A3 for my second system!

David Van Leeuwen

Durham, North Carolina, USA

First of all, thank you for building these wonderful little amps. I have had a few days to listen to them so I thought I would give you some early impressions.

Right off the bat, the clarity and speed is very impressive. I have speakers that are a relatively easy load, so the amps have plenty of power. In fact, I am amazed at how much grunt they have! I took your advice and played them initially without a preamp. I have both a digital source and a turntable, and they sounded fantastic without the preamp. I put the preamp back in the chain, and got through two songs before I took it out again. I’m ready to sell it! I don’t mind swapping sources, it sounds that good! I should probably look into passive preamp or some kind of switch box.

Dr D

Decware versus Alan Eaton Amplifiers, Video Review

John Doe

Fredericksburg, VA, USA

I own a pair of your 45 based mono-blocks. They are hands down the best sounding amplifiers I have in my collection despite their shortcomings. I am comparing them to the likes of Radu Tarta, Vinnie Rossi, Yamamoto, Decware, Lance Cochrane, Eddie Current, Line Magnetic and Amp&Sound…all of which are well established heavy hitters.

John Doe

First, I’d like to thank you for the work you do - your wisdom through experience, your mind and hands created a very special kind of magic. I had some fears, and many high expectations, at the same time. Amplifiers are exceeding my expectations and my fear is gone, as these mighty amps are powerfully presenting with any speakers I throw at them.

Second, my apologies for taking this long to write to you.

I had received the package some 10 days ago, opened it last Sunday and started this Alan Eaton 45 journey to the ‘I-now-want-to-relisten-all-of-my-music’. Reason being, and in spite though my hearing is not what it used to be, I am hearing more than I’ve ever did before. The music is new again, simply put. In the most pleasurable way, that is.

Following your kind (and wise) advice I’ve been running a source direct (using the originally supplied power cables, too :). In preparation for your amps I’ve purchased a pre-amp, also have one vintage being restored and a power supply built for it as it drew power from the amp originally. Contemporary one is made by BC folks at Space-Tech Labs (6SL7) with gain adjustable. The second one is a vintage Leak Point One. I question whether I should run either, as I do not want to disturb what I’m hearing at present.

Marion Kiker

Abilene, TX, USA

Your fine 45 SET in my system has added a level of liquidity, detail, transparency, and “freshness” to my music that is breathtaking. At this time I cannot imagine a better amp ANYWHERE than a 45 SET!! Especially one built with pride, care, and personal dedication to your craft. Definitely, as other’s have mentioned, an endgame amp!

Nate Gates

Roaring Spring, PA 16673, USA

This is the best sounding amp I’ve paired with these Cornwalls or a pair of fortes I’ve heard. Klipsch are notorious for a wide but flat soundstage and not so hot imaging. This amp actually gives it a fairly deep soundstage and sharp imaging which I thought was impossible. It has better bass than the Decware Zen. Not quite as much sparkle but more natural sounding and better soundstage and more midrange bloom. Not as much midrange bloom as my Willsenton r300 but much tighter bass and waaay more transparency and realism. Not as much punch as my dads Galion but more emotional and lifelike. More transparency. The only amp that I think rivaled it was the McIntosh 225 which is a totally different animal with its embellished sweet swirling sound. Your amp sounds more like real musicians in the room while the Mc sounds like a Mc.

Robert Lund

Phoenix, AZ, USA

Really enjoying the monoblocs! Sound is truly amazing. In many ways they equal my more costly and much more complicated Elekit 8900 for pure listening enjoyment. In a small/medium room, they do quite well with my "not so sensitive" single driver frugal horn XL's! The bass with this pairing is phenomenal. Imagine they would sound even better with a well-designed more efficient single driver speaker.

Steven E. Gooch

Creedmoor, North Carolina, USA

I’ve been listening to your amplifier daily, for hours a day. Hard to believe 2 watts can sound so damn good. I’m running a Mac mini as a server to a cord qutest dac to Tekton Perfect SET 15 Speakers, designed and optimized for single-ended triode amplifiers.

Yohan Dharmarathna

The first thing I noticed when I open the box is how good the packaging was, amp look beautiful & solid. And the most important thing, the sound.. Your amp + Omega Alnico speaker combo sound breathtaking, the best sound I’ve ever heard in an Audio system. Tonality is so right, music just flow effortlessly. Imaging & soundstage is insanely good, details & clarity is astonishing. Bass is awesome. Your amp is very special, it is very dynamic and has an unbelievable drive. And so much preserve energy & power than what 2wpc suggest, much louder than my Decware Zen (2.3wpc). Before this, the Decware Zen amp was my reference amp, it does everything very well. But your amp does everything what Decware amp does, but with more authority & energy, and I would say music is now even more effortless, rich & natural with your amp.

Initially I was expecting may be too much good things gonna be a problem. Alnico speakers (specially Omega Alnico) are famous for its musical & warm sound. Then my NOS DAC (MHDT Orchid) is super musical, it is based on the legendary Phillips TDA1541A R2R DAC chip which is famous for it’s natural analog like sound quality. And combined with your 45 single ended triode amp it’s magical, scream musicality.

I’m extremely happy about my sound system right now. Without you I would not have achieved that. So once again thank you very much.

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