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Nate Gates

Roaring Spring, PA 16673, USA

This is the best sounding amp I’ve paired with these Cornwalls or a pair of fortes I’ve heard. Klipsch are notorious for a wide but flat soundstage and not so hot imaging. This amp actually gives it a fairly deep soundstage and sharp imaging which I thought was impossible. It has better bass than the Decware Zen. Not quite as much sparkle but more natural sounding and better soundstage and more midrange bloom. Not as much midrange bloom as my Willsenton r300 but much tighter bass and waaay more transparency and realism. Not as much punch as my dads Galion but more emotional and lifelike. More transparency. The only amp that I think rivaled it was the McIntosh 225 which is a totally different animal with its embellished sweet swirling sound. Your amp sounds more like real musicians in the room while the Mc sounds like a Mc.

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