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Yohan Dharmarathna

The first thing I noticed when I open the box is how good the packaging was, amp look beautiful & solid. And the most important thing, the sound.. Your amp + Omega Alnico speaker combo sound breathtaking, the best sound I’ve ever heard in an Audio system. Tonality is so right, music just flow effortlessly. Imaging & soundstage is insanely good, details & clarity is astonishing. Bass is awesome. Your amp is very special, it is very dynamic and has an unbelievable drive. And so much preserve energy & power than what 2wpc suggest, much louder than my Decware Zen (2.3wpc). Before this, the Decware Zen amp was my reference amp, it does everything very well. But your amp does everything what Decware amp does, but with more authority & energy, and I would say music is now even more effortless, rich & natural with your amp.

Initially I was expecting may be too much good things gonna be a problem. Alnico speakers (specially Omega Alnico) are famous for its musical & warm sound. Then my NOS DAC (MHDT Orchid) is super musical, it is based on the legendary Phillips TDA1541A R2R DAC chip which is famous for it’s natural analog like sound quality. And combined with your 45 single ended triode amp it’s magical, scream musicality.

I’m extremely happy about my sound system right now. Without you I would not have achieved that. So once again thank you very much.

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