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Hand Made - Chassis Setup

Updated: Dec 29, 2023

My daughter inspired me to make time lapse video of amplifier building. In this video I am working on a customer's 45 mono block amplifier. This step is setting up all the components on the chassis. The first thing to do is complete the power transformer installation. The next steps are installing the tube sockets and they output transformer. Both power and output transformer are Tamura made in the mid sixties. Next step is the choke, and the terminal strips which will bring the point to point wiring together. After this is the rheostat which is used for tube bias control of the 45 output tube. Next step is the bus bar which is copper and we tin that with solder to allow better contact with later wiring. The ground is only in one position, from transformer to bus bar. Next is the power switch, fuse, and plug combo. Finally the RCA input connector and speaker connectors are added. At this point all the main components are added. Next step is wiring.

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