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Hand Made - Output Section

First we're going to wire the volume control that feeds the preamp control and goes back to the input RCA jack on the back of the amplifier. Finish the cathode pin of preamp tube with capacitors & resistor. Tidy up some of the work from yesterday. Fix a mistake as that B+ wire should be underneath those capacitors on cathode pin. Next complete the volume control wiring to the RCA jack. The output of be preamp tube is brought to the 45 output tube on the grid pin with a resistor. The plate of the 45 is brought to the output transformer. All that is left is the heater voltage for the 45 tube. The 45 tube requires 2.5v which is not supplied by this Tamura power transformer so there is a second transformer just for this low voltage heater on the 45. You can see I fight with screws for a few minutes before it comes together. The bias control rheostat adjusts the heater voltage with a dropping resistor. This amplifier is ready to test!

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